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Switch to Video-Link Tutoring

We will likely have to live with Sars-CoV-2 through the winter of 2020/21, continuing to be cautious about our close contacts with too many people. Therefore, I feel it would be irresponsible to continue with my previous business model, which requires me to travel from house to house every time I go to work. It would be a risk to all students, their families and my family as well.

There are many advantages to this way of meeting with students, including:

  • I will have a lot more flexibility around scheduling.
  • Students with two family homes or those who are often away on weekends will be able to meet wherever they happen to be.
  • I am now available to meet with students from anywhere in Ontario.
  • Rates and cancellation fees have been lowered

I have successfully used the zoom app for tutoring since the lockdown began, and have developed a "graph-cam" that allows the student to see me writing and drawing directly on their screen. Zoom works well because it allows multiple inputs from a participant, including additional cameras and any computer desktop imagery, which assist with explanations. All meetings require a password to prevent unwanted interuptions.